E-commerce Consultant

E-commerce Consultancy

Are you a new or existing e-commerce business owner? Does your company achieve market transformation in marketing channels?


With +8 years of professional experience, we are pleased to contribute to the sustainable growth of your online business with our London-based E-commerce consultancy firm Buka Web.


E-Commerce consultancy, Online business (Search engine marketing (, Google Ads, Social media marketing etc.), SEO, E-commerce website design, E-mail marketing) of customers who want to sell in the UK market or are currently involved in e-commerce. , Graphic design, Social media management) using the most up-to-date E-commerce technologies, we provide services with our E-Commerce consultancy, Buka Web agency based in England/London.

With the online services we provide to our customers that we provide e-commerce consultancy; We achieved results such as sustainable regular growth, increasing the conversion rate in sales, improvement in search engine results (optimisation), and positive customer/user experience.

Best E-commerce Consultant

Online Store Services

Your e-commerce store is run by the best e-commerce experts in the business. Each channel of your e-commerce website is professionally managed by our team members who are experts in their fields.

Digital Marketing
High conversion rate, marketing campaigns and optimizations
Search Engine Optimisation
Product pages ranked high in search engines + traffic
Mail Marketing
Customers interested in your products and services
Social Media Management
Regular and interactive content on social media
Best CRM Strategies
Happy customers, Increased repeat purchases
Search Engine Optimisation
Product pages ranked high in search engines + traffic
Operation Offers
Improvement of operation in your company
Shipping Solutions
Best & affordable UK cargo usage for your products