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Leave it to the one who knows the job without taking risks! Let's create a strateij for you and draw your roadmap together with a custom design for the website you need in Web design!

    To Be Successful On The Web, You Must Have A Professional Web Design

    Google will love your site with search engine friendly coding!
    Get a professional first step into the web world with the next-generation mobile and desktop-compatible Responsive website.

    A good Industry Analysis, Planning and quality service is essential before you make your Web design!

    Our web design experts first identify the needs of your business and code the website design for your needs. With the clean coding structure of the website to be made, you become a search engine-compatible and conversion-oriented professional website owner.

    The most important issues in Web design are web site availability (design and coding), search engine compliant and Responsive (mobile compatible) website design, which can be used on all devices without loss of performance.

    The website to be designed for corporate, medium-sized and SMEs is determined according to the needs of the business and is designed with a focus on maximum efficiency. All of the data such as color harmony, content, and visuals of the web site are determined specifically for the customer who receives the Web design service.

    Best Corporate Web Design Firm: BuKa-Web

    Google will love your site with search engine friendly coding!
    Get a professional first step into the web world with the next-generation mobile and desktop-compatible Responsive website.

    Professional Web Design

    Desktop and mobile (responsive), web site design that is compatible with search engines and your industry.

    Clean Coding

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    Search Engine Compatible

    Earn organic visits with search engine-compatible Web design such as Google, Yandex, Bing.

    Convenient Management Panel

    Desktop and mobile (responsive), web site design that is compatible with search engines and your industry.

    Dynamic Design

    Your Web design is dynamic, easy to add and remove.

    Mobile Compatible

    Your web page is compatible with mobile devices and works stable in the mobile view, enabling more conversions.

    Next-generation Buka web design agency-Web, those who need a web site or web software development; professional and corporate web site design, digital media, advertising, graphic design and in the field of SEO solutions.

    What to look out for before making Web design;

    • If the Website is for commercial purposes, it must meet the expectations of your visitors, not yours.
    • Website design and coding must be search engine (SEO) compliant.
    • Your website design should work smoothly and quickly on both desktop and mobile.
    • Content entered into your site (text, media, video, etc.) must belong to you, or be authenticated.

    How Does The Web Design Process Work?

    Custom Website Design: BuKa-Web Agency

    Buka-Web agencies that use up-to-date and state-of-the-art technologies at all times among Web design companies
    to always provide the best service performance guaranteed web site makes your design!

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    Customer Support

    I built a multisite website with this theme and I was really excited about the design and function that are available out of the box.




    Simply perfect. The Brooklyn theme has a great variety of customization and is fairly easy to work on even with limited/non-existent knowledge on coding.



    Design Quality

    This is the best Theme I have ever used! Brooklyn is very Simple to use (a highlight for new Customers) and comes with big Content!



    Frequently Asked Questions in Web design and software

    What Is Web Design?

    Web design is the online face of individuals, institutions and companies that they prepare for themselves in the online world. Web design is your 24/7 open business that allows you to meet your customers online, promote and sell their products and services through the search engines of your business.

    Website Design Fees / Prices (2020)

    There are many prices set by agencies, freelancers and companies in the market, where there is no clear price for Web design fees. Website fees can start from 300 TL in 2020 and go up to 30,000 TL.

    Factors that determine website price include;

    • Expenses of the institution/person providing the service,
    • Web sites made with ready-made design or coding from scratch,
    • The value of the website,
    • The client being a new entrepreneur or enterprise,
    • Provision of Site content by the agency,
    • Customer’s time for design,
    • Supplying the content to be use

    there are factors such as, again, these factors can vary for each Web designer.

    What is corporate Web Design?

    There are some things that are taken into consideration when designing a corporate website, such as the concept, that each website has a specific design.

    The first step of institutionalism is to consider giving brand awareness and trust rather than selling products or services to the customer who comes to the site. Corporate Web site design work is done for brand awareness rather than products and services.

    What Are The Average Website Prices?

    For the average website design, you need to determine your needs and get offers accordingly.

    Sample Pricing;

    Average price for Blog Web site is £1,000,

    Average price for personal website is £1,000,

    Average price for hotel website £2,000,

    Price for e-commerce website £2,500

    such values can be estimated. But it should be noted that Web design is a serious issue. You should pay one fee at a time to make cheap web design and make sure that your design is custom and available to you instead of hurting your head afterwards.

    Corporate Website Design Prices

    Corporate website design requires more research and time than usual. Pricing varies according to the project in the price range of £2,500 to £25,000.

    Each visual and content on corporate web pages needs to be designed and constructed according to the concept used in corporate. Eight square agency Enterprise design companies have updated pricing in 2020.

    What is the website address?

    The web site address is also referred to as domain name and domain. The web site address refers to the part that starts with www and comes after the point.

    For example, our website address, which means our domain name, is “buka-web”. To our site; www.buka-web.co.uk you can log in when you search in the URL section.

    The web site address is used for web design. You need to set up a website with one domain and one Hosting service to host your data.

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    We provide web design, software and graphic design services in Çanakkale, as well as providing services to the following counties:;

    • Biga Web Design and software,
    • Bell web design and software,
    • Ezine Web Design and software,
    • Bayramiç Web design and software,
    • Gallipoli Web design and software,
    • Web design and software Bozcaada,
    • Web design and software Gökçeada,
    • Newish Web design and software development services we provide.

    As an eight square agency, you can also contact us for other projects that can be done with the Web.

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