What is Local SEO? A Beginner’s Guide

May 9, 2021
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May 9, 2021 burakiks

What is Local SEO? A Beginner’s Guide

What is Local SEO? When I first heard the term Local SEO, I thought that it was some kind of an advertising stunt or something, but it wasn’t. It s actually quite the opposite, what with how simple this concept is, but it has slowly spread across the globe like wildfire, leaving webmasters everywhere scratching their heads in confusion.

So what exactly is Local SEO? Local SEO is actually quite a simple concept, it is actually the youngest among all SEO siblings and yet the strongest when it comes to tangible, immediate results. The term itself, Local SEO, can be loosely translated as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a local level. The beauty of Local SEO lies in the fact that it caters to a specific audience and area, allowing the web design business to target their audience specifically. This is different than general, wide scale SEO, because it caters directly to the local needs and demands of a specific geographic location.

So what is it then that would qualify as Local SEO? Basically, it involves taking an existing web design, for example an existing website for a real estate agent in London, and using it as a way to target potential clients within that location. For instance, if the agent had a blog, they could include a link on that blog to their website, which would help them drive customers within the locality. This is very similar to what we call ‘driving traffic” within the world of SEO, where you basically target the audience that is already interested in your site or service. However, while these tactics are a piece of the cake when it comes down to Local SEO, there is still one more critical element that must be tackled in order to make the entire process of Local SEO a success:

In order to achieve true Local SEO success, you need to create original content. The best way to do this is to create your own blog posts, press releases, or anything else that is in line with the web design firm’s expertise. If you cannot write original content, then consider hiring a copywriter or editor to work with you. A qualified professional will be able to take the content that you have written and develop a cohesive narrative to turn your written content into a search engine friendly article, which can rank highly within the various search engines on the Internet.

While Local SEO can be beneficial in and of itself, it does not hurt to continue to do business with the major search engines by building links to them from other sites within your industry. For instance, by putting a link to the Bing web search engine page on your blog, you are creating a backlink to the site, which will help raise its ranking within the search engines. Similarly, by adding links to your company’s website from blogs and articles written on the topics of your industry, you will create even more backlinks to your website. All of these added links will help your search engine optimization process, which will increase your position within the search engines.

What is Local SEO? is a great question to ask when considering the importance of Search Engine Optimization for your website. While it may not be as popular as the initial search engine optimization techniques, it still plays an important role in the overall optimization process. The bottom line is that a well designed, search engine friendly website will rank higher on the search engines and will be easy to find.